A Rant Too Far?

A Rant Too Far?

A Rant Too Far? - the book by Fraser Blake - is the end product of years of dinner parties at the author's French home that involved guests who were well-informed and opinionated, and with whom the exchanges set about sorting out the problems of the world.

Topics include: Religion, Islam, Government, Local and National, Freedom, Personal Rights, Inter Governmental Relations, American Nationalism US Treatment of Native Americans, the United States and Trading, Education, The EU and The Commission, Britain and The EU, Polarity in Politics, the Economy, Global Warming, Slavery ‘Use By’ Dates and Food Wastage, the Sanctity of Property, the Difference Between ‘Rip-Off’ Britain and ‘People-Friendly’ France.

The book is intended both as a summary of what has frustrated the author and his dinner guests and, in response, presents an historical perspective that hopefully provides an insight into many of the complex issues that were raised. However, please do not view this work as having academic pretension. Rather it is offered as a pocket-sized source of reference material that might inspire argument, and counter argument, at your own soirees...from the welcoming aperitifs until well into the night.

For further information: 'A Rant Too Far' is the place where you can let it all out and have a good rant.

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