Thursday, 4 February 2021



Islam is on the march again. Innocent people in France having their heads cut off and when President Macron condemns it and states France is a secular country he is accused of causing Islamophobia by the likes of Erdogan of Turkey and the Saudis and Imran Khan of Pakistan. He is not being phobic about Islam he’s just stating the fact that making fun of people or prophets is not a crime in France or anywhere else in Europe. Every time some fanatic Moslem injures or kills a European he is the one that causes Islamophobia.

The problem here is that Islam is a medieval religion that is full of hate and bile and death and is not really a benign religion. The fact is that anyone can say that about any religion and get away with it except Islam. Say anything against the Islamic religion and it states you should be killed and there is always some medieval thinking idiot that will do the deed because in the eyes of their religion they are doing the right thing. Their religion does not allow them to move on into the modern age. In their eyes they are doing God’s work and can not be held accountable for killing a non Islamic or a blasphemer. Just killing non Moslems is counted as God’s work even if they are innocent of anything against Islam and if the killer gets killed whilst doing it he or she becomes a martyr. Hence the ease they seem to find people willing to blow themselves up in the course of killing others.

Sharia law which is part of this unlikeable religion states that people can be killed for all sorts of misdemeanours and there is no freedom of thought. If, for example, you feel like changing your religion from Islam to something else you have an immediate sentence of death on you and what’s more, your family is entrusted with the killing and under Sharia law they have committed no crime. This is a duty in the eyes of Islam. Atheism is totally unacceptable in Islam and receives an instant death sentence.

Just look at the death sentences passed in Saudi Arabia and Iran. In fact, Iran, ruled by Sharia law, executes more people per capita than any other country except China where figures are kept secret. In 2019 Iran executed 189 people including men, women and children. Saudi Arabia, also Sharia law(less), executed 184. Just to prove their medieval mentality they do some of them in public and the West wants to be friends with these governments. In Saudi Arabia one can still be sentenced to be crucified. How civilized is that?

Why, you might ask, does Islam have such a hold over its followers? Well, the short answer is because it prescribes death if you don’t hold to their tenets. Children are brainwashed at an early age and it is rammed into them that under no circumstances can they follow another religion because if they do they will die. Also if they steal they can get their hand chopped off. All this might have been the normal in the 600s when Mohammed was spreading his gospel but it is unacceptable in this day and age.

Just look at the world today, from the far east through central Asia to Europe, from Mozambique in the east to Nigeria in the west of Africa and on to the Americas, Islamic terrorists are causing problems. They, of course, call it jihad or holy war but there is nothing holy about it. Jihadism is evil and has given the world nothing but problems, all the travel security the general public has to go through all over the world is down to Islamic jihad or as most civilized people call it – terrorism.

Were Islam to reform it could become an acceptable civilized religion but it will not. Can anyone tell me what is acceptable about cutting peoples heads and hands and feet off as a punishment. Worst of all is stoning women to death and this has happened to young girls that get raped and they are stoned for having sex out of marriage. Yet we never hear of these atrocities which happen on a regular basis in Iran, Saudi, Burundi, Somalia and other places. Yet we still speak to them, government to government, trade with them and treat some of them as best friends. Arabs, Iranians, Somalis are wonderful people, I have had friends amongst them all but their religion leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, Europe as a whole needs to be very careful with allowing the proliferation of mosques as there are plenty of Imams with the missionary zeal to try and convert. There is some evidence to show that quite a few of them believe Europe will be under Islamic Sharia law by 2050. Should that happen Hell on earth will have arrived.

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