Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Erdogan recently called Netenyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, a terrorist for the deaths of 16 demonstrating Palestinians. This coming from a man that has recently bombed and killed hundreds of Kurds in Afrin in northern Syria on the pretext that they are a threat to Turkey. He states that they have only killed Kurdish terrorists (freedom fighters depending on which side you are on) but indiscriminate aerial bombing in the same fashion as in Syria, kills civilians. Erdogan is directly responsible for hundreds of Kurdish and Syrian men, women and children's deaths. Who is the terrorist?

Not only does he kill innocent men women and children in other countries but on the basis of a failed attempted coup he has had his police and secret police arrest nearly 40,000 people, most of whom are only guilty of not being Erdogan supporters. A classic example was that of Musa Kart who is a cartoonist who lampooned Erdogan. The president does not like being made fun of so he sued him. The courts in Turkey have been stuffed with his acolytes so always support the president and he won three and a half thousand US dollars. This did not stop Kart. He lampooned him again and is now in prison.

This is the man who has allied himself to the Iranian regime, probably the greatest organizer of state terrorism in the world. Also a regime that hangs people publicly for being in opposition to it and who follows Sharia law by cutting off peoples hands, heads, and stoning women to death even when they have been raped. It would appear that Erdogan wants to turn Turkey into a similar state. He has managed to change the constitution of the country so that he can stay on as president indefinitely. The sure sign of a dictator. Kemal Attaturk must be turning in his grave.

All this has led to a rising voice against him. When demonstrations broke out in 2013 Erdogan ordered a crack down in which 22 people were killed. These were Turkish citizens demonstrating against him, not terrorists but peaceful demonstrators and they were killed. Who is the terrorist? Erdogan served his two terms as Prime minister when the Turkish president was more of a ceremonial position. The Turkish constitution states the PM can only serve two terms, so what does he do? He stands for President but before leaving office gets the constitution changed so that, in fact, the president has all the power. If ever there was a man obsessed with power it's Erdogan.

The fact that Erdogan, in attacking the Kurdish YPG in northern Syria has actually invaded a neighbour does not seem to bother him. Further, the fact that the YPG were allies of the West in the defeat of ISIS does not bother him either. In fact, French president Macron hosted the YPG at the Elysee Palace and got a serious mouthful from Erdogan. It might be added that during the fight with ISIS Erdogan said nothing about the YPG. As soon as the battle was won Erdogan moved his troops into the Kurdish area of northern Syria and bombed the hell out of them. Who's the terrorist?

The sad thing is that here we have a passionate Islamist, greatly adding to the problems of the Middle East and Britain and France and most of the rest of Europe are still selling holidays in Turkey. Why would anyone want to go to Turkey these days? It used to be a very nice place to go to and, I have to say, in general the Turks are lovely people but their president is definitely not a lovely person. If we all stopped going to Turkey for holidays, that would hit the Turkish economy and send a message to Erdogan and the people who support him. This is a power mad, up and coming dictator and while he murders civilians in northern Syria, the West's politicians stand by and say nothing. It's an absolute disgrace.

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