Friday, 28 November 2014


A cold and objective look at the religion called Islam should, to the normal, logical Westerner, come across as a curse not a benefit to the world. Why, well the religious book called the Koran is not kind to other religions and instead of preaching any form of symbiotic living it preached conversion. Others have to convert to Islam or face, in an Islamic state, at the very least fines and extra taxes and at worst death.

Lets look at the current state of affairs in the Islamic world. The so called Islamic State is the biggest threat to world peace according to blinkered western leaders. But a close look at what it's up to reveals exactly how Islam should work. The leaders there are taking the Koran literally and following it to the letter. Look at it carefully, this is authentic Islam and is why they are managing to recruit so many Moslem men, women and kids from all over Europe and the rest of the world for that matter. This is actually the way many Moslems in Britain and Europe would like Europe to be. There are plenty of misty eyed British Moslems who talk about the coming Caliphate in Britain. At the moment they are a minority but birth statistics show that in Britain the birth rate amongst the Asian and Middle Eastern Moslem population is four times higher than local British. On top of this the Middle East refugee problem is boosting the Moslem population all over Europe.

The West feels in can control what it calls liberal Islam. That doesn't really exist. Moslems are very peaceful till they get to a certain percentage of the population, then they start pushing for special privileges and if they don't get them trouble starts. In England they have started their own schools where they teach the Koran as it is and inspectors are often fooled. Not always it should be said, and when they do spot it they call in 'special measures' but what they aught to do is close these schools down altogether. We should not agree to the growth of Islam in Britain, it will become a major problem. All Moslem children should go to normal secular British schools and be taught a British secular curriculum.

Liberals in Britain and throughout the West keep up the mantra that Islam is a religion of peace. It isn't and the sooner the West realises this the sooner its growth can be stemmed. The Church of England keeps talking to Moslem leaders and they keep up the pretence that they come in peace and can live together. They do at the moment because they are not yet strong enough. However, they have already started to introduce Sharia law into their closed communities and ghettos in London and Birmingham and in other cities with big Islamic populations. This should not be tolerated, Britain has it's laws and all sects and communities, if they want to live in Britain, should stick by them.

Just look at the Islamic world today, it's in turmoil. The so called Arab Spring has brought disaster wherever it has touched. Like all revolutions, they are started by liberal minded people, usually middle class, who want a bit more freedom. Then they are overwhelmed, during the upheavals, by radicals. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen have all felt the touch of the Arab Spring and are all in serious trouble. Look at Moslem radicals in Africa, Boco Haram in Nigeria, Al Shabab in Somalia, Central African Republic, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia all have Moslem factions who seem to find pleasure in murder and rape. Factionalism, destruction of property, kidnapping and loss of work, all leads to hunger and poverty and hence to millions of refugees and misery. All these are the result and in the name of peace loving Islam pushing its religion down everybody throat.

Why is it that if Islam is a religion of peace its followers cause serious trouble for the rest of us all over the world? In fact 'peace' and 'Islam' are diametrically opposed. Even in so called peaceful countries like Iran, and Pakistan, let alone Afghanistan and Iraq, Christians and member of other religions are persecuted and killed just because they are not Muslim. Recently in Pakistan a Christian couple, and the woman was pregnant, were beaten and then burned to death by a mob of Muslims who stated they had blasphemed. They had three children. No proof needed and no police action to stop it or investigate it. Christians are expendable in Islamic countries. Religious leaders and and liberal Moslems throughout Europe keep stating that these things are no part of Islam but they can't have it both ways. If all these incidents are no part of Islam then there are a hell of a lot of bad Moslems in the world. In the last few years radical Islam has caused more misery and deaths worldwide than all the man made and natural disasters put together.

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