Friday, 24 October 2014


Is the Islamic State a genuine attempt at a religious state or are the leaders just a bunch of hard line Fascists who fancy taking power in an area where the authority of the surrounding states is weak? Unfortunately I think it is a bit of both. A spokesman for this loathsome 'state' would be able to justify all they do in terms of the Koran. The regular beheadings that go on every day in every city they have captured. The catching and selling into slavery of young girls and women, allowed in the Koran. The killing of anyone who is not a strict Sunni Muslim and wont convert. In fact the implementation of Sharia law down to its minutest detail. They think this is the way the world should be and there are those Muslims in Britain and the rest of Europe who argue that we would be better off under such a Caliphate. One of the big problems with the Caliphate is that they can find plenty of muftis well up the religious hierarchy that would agree with them and tell them they are doing the right thing. This gives them all the encouragement and justification they need and so they continue.

However, the Islamic State can well be compared with Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Its jihadists hate the Jews and given half a chance would eradicate Israel. The state apparatus has absolutely no feelings towards the individual. Similar to the Gestapo or the NKVD they would shoot their own mother if so ordered. Anyone who stands in their way is shot on the slightest whim. They do not even follow their own law when it comes to killing. Alan Henning, the Salford taxi driver, was found not guilty of espionage in a Sharia court run by the IS and they still beheaded him. Violence for this unearthly state is an end in itself. They glory in violence and show this trait by killing men, women, and children without a second thought or pity.

One can only deduce that these people are heartless psychopaths. No amount of pleading has any softening effect on them. In fact, the very opposite is true, they rejoice in the idea of the parents, friends and family of the murdered suffering too. Those born and bred in Europe and America who go and join IS to fight can be equated with serial killers. The so called 'Jihadi John' is a psychopathic serial killer and in the Islamic State he can be himself and, not just get away with it but be praised by his superiors for his efficient work. How else can you possibly explain the cool cutting off of an innocent person's head? He loves his work and it's just as well he is no longer in Britain.

The IS has got its grubby paws on a load of money and the only way they will ever be defeated is for the world to come together and starve them of funds. It should not be beyond the brains of our security services in co-operation with the banks to cut off all funds both in and out of the Islamic State. These organisations can do it when they want to and can always manage to cover it up, so do it to the IS. As soon as their money runs out the state will fall apart and their fanatic followers will melt away.

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