Friday, 8 August 2014


Gaza is an unsolvable problem at the present time. It could have been solved years ago when Al Fatah was in control and there were genuine chances none of which were taken by the Arabs. However, since Hamas came to power and kicked Al Fatah out, all chances have disappeared. Hamas is a terrorist organisation and is seen as such by the rest of the world. It is, therefore, difficult to negotiate with them as most governments state openly that they will not deal with terrorists.

Hamas send rockets into Israel on a daily basis. Most of these go unreported by the Western press and thankfully most of them get shot down before they land. However, the odd one does get through and it is aimed at towns, villages and cities indiscriminately. The rocketeers don't give a damn who they hit they just want to kill Israelis. This goes on day in and day out. Then there are the tunnels which come up in Israeli territory. These allow the terrorists to appear, kill and disappear with a captive if possible so they can ransom him or her. Is it any wonder that the Israelis lose patience and fight back? It's inevitable but Hamas doesn't care. Its avowed goal is to kick all Jews out of what they call Palestine by any means and mass murder is included. Imagine any European country that had to build bomb shelters for every household near their boarder. It would be unacceptable and there would be a war.

At the end of the last 72 hour armistice the rest of the world wanted it extended, Israel accepted, Hamas didn't. Why? Does Hamas like to see its people suffering? The answer is yes. They are not too bothered how many women and children are killed. It stokes up more hatred against the enemy and in any case anyone killed in the war against the infidel goes directly to heaven in their eyes. So it doesn't really matter, they have gone to a better place.

The really sick thing is that Hamas has claimed victory during the short interval. In its twisted logic the death of 72 Israelis and the fact that Israel has pulled back its troops can be passed off as a victory. Never mind that over 1000 Arabs have been killed, they are all martyrs. Hamas fighters do use their population as human shields with impunity, they want Israelis to kill them so the rest of the world sees how cruel the Israelis are and side with the poor Palestinians. Hard though it is to say, but the Palestinians have themselves to blame. In Gaza they voted Hamas into power and now can't get rid of it. So they suffer and will continue to suffer as long as the Hamas organisation remains the government of Gaza.

One of the main demands Hamas has made for any sort of peace is the lifting of the blockade round the strip. However, this can't happen till Hamas stop sending rockets into Israel. The Israelis know that if the blockade is lifted it will make it far easier for the rockets to be imported and they certainly don't want that. Peace could come to the area quickly if Hamas just agreed to the existence of Israel and stopped all terrorist activity. But that is not going to happen, it would be a total loss of face and a defeat for the terrorist organisation and we all know they can't admit to that no matter what the odds are.

It is difficult for the West to understand the Moslem death wish. Only Moslems blow themselves up in the sure knowledge that they will land in Paradise instantly, and they really believe this to be the case. Look at what they are doing in Iraq. Any non Moslems have instantly to convert or are killed. The jihadists themselves are ruthless with their own lives because of the call to martyrdom. It is a different way of thinking and one that we in the West can't fully appreciate. But we do need to remember that no matter how harrowing the news from Gaza is portrayed by the Western press, the jihadist politicians in Gaza are to blame for the peoples current disastrous situation.

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  1. Tragic but true. If only moderate Muslims would raise their voices against the Hamas suicide strategy. When only the West does so, it gets taken as purely anti-Muslim.