Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Islam could be the compassionate religion that many Moslems say it is. They will argue till they are blue in the face that the religion is peaceful, helpful, compassionate even desirable. But it has a serious fault that makes it unacceptable to civilized people of other persuasions, and that is Sharia law. This is an inseparable part of Islam and makes the religion harsh, unimaginative, even cruel and there are plenty of examples of its cruelty. The biggest problem with Islam is that it is set in stone and that the stone was carved in the seventh century and by its own creed it cannot be changed in any way. The bigots that administer the law are not what we would consider world class or even third class judges. They have learned the Koran off by heart and therefore feel that they can pronounce upon people's sins. They have no leeway, their minds are set in stone too. Therefore, if a person has sinned in the eyes of the Sharia law they know it and the punishment is prescribed. No matter how abhorrent the sentence they are quite happy to dish it out in the sure knowledge that they are doing God's work.

Let's take a little look at the case of the Sudanese woman called Miriam. She was brought up by a Christian mother and although her father was a Moslem as far as she was concerned she was a Christian. Unfortunately in Islamic law no matter what religion you are if you are married to a Moslem, male or female your children are deemed to be Moslem too. Miriam grew up as a Christian and married a Christian, and life was grand till someone mentioned it to an Imam. Under Sharia law she is a Moslem so her husband must convert to Islam, there is no wriggle room. Hence, under Sharia law, Miriam, a Moslem, is married to an Christian who will not convert, her first big sin. Upbringing doesn't count, she's a Moslem. Therefore, in the eyes of this twisted 7th century law, she can't be married to him so she's committing adultery So she is sentenced to 100 lashes from a whip for that crime.

Now, for her second and ultimately deadly sin, in the eyes of Islam, that very compassionate religion. She is a Moslem but calls herself a Christian (because that's what she thinks she is) so she's an apostate. Under Sharia law that brings you an automatic death sentence. You can just imagine the judge, who will be an imam, rubbing his grubby little hands together with relish dishing out these sentences, after all he's doing God's work and these men have absolutely no sympathy or empathy if they think you have sinned.

So without further ado Miriam is slung into jail in chains, there is no appeal possible. She is pregnant and about to give birth. Do they take the poor woman to hospital, oh no! She remains in shackles in her prison cell whilst she gives birth and we are not told whether a midwife was allowed in or not but probably not. The disgust felt by the rest of the world when the story leaked out meant that the prison authorities removed her shackles, how very compassionate. On top of all this compassion, she has a 20 month son to look after so he is in prison with his mother. He can't be left with father, he's a Christian. The authorities, reeling somewhat from the bad publicity, then state that under compassionate Sharia law Miriam can have two years with her newly born child before they hang her. Disgust is all that any civilised person can possibly have for this religion and it's barbaric laws

If Islam wants to be regarded as a truly compassionate religion in today’s world it has got to find a way of discarding its dated laws. Sharia law with all its brutality will never be accepted by civilised people. Politicians and clergymen who cow tow to Islam and pretend there's nothing wrong with it are making a big mistake. In Britain today, to stand at Hyde Park Corner and state that Islam is a barbaric religion would probably get you arrested and charged with speech offence. However, Sharia law is primitive and barbaric, it advocates amputation of hands and feet, stoning to death, beheading, slavery, paedophilia, and lashing with whips, none of which are acceptable practices in civilized society. The civilised nations of the world should have nothing to do with it and let it be known to the Islamic world that in its current form it is unacceptable.

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